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unique, patented bio-marine nutraceutical formulation


What is Seaflex®?

SeaFlex® is a next generation joint, skin and vitality supplement for dogs and cats.

Scientifically designed using latest research findings, SeaFlex® is a unique, patented bio-marine nutraceutical formulation. The best thing about SeaFlex® is that it is easy – dogs and cats love it! It is a chewable ‘treat' formulation (sticks for dogs and kibble for cats), which is incredibly palatable.
100% Australian made, SeaFlex® is all-natural, made with only select quality meats and human-grade ingredients, and contains no artificial flavours or nasty preservatives.
• SeaFlex® aids vitality and energy, helping your pet to keep its youthful and playful behaviour - back to how it ‘used to be’.
• SeaFlex® helps to support the structural framework of joints and cartilage for ease of movement.
• SeaFlex® promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.
• SeaFlex® provides all of the proteins and amino acids that form the building blocks for the dermis of the skin and cartilage, as well as to assist with healthy immune function.
Seaflex® targets the systems associated with joint, skin and energy condition. It encourages healthy cell function, strong joints, skin and connective tissues as well as efficient metabolism and balanced immune function.

This revolutionary bio-marine nutritional supplement is a highly unique proprietary formulation supported by years of applied research, as well as emerging scientific breakthroughs. It combines a novel and patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients (Sea Chondroitin™ Cucumaria frondosa) with an extensive profile of cell-supportive nutrients and bio-marine co-factors.

Helps to support the structural framework of JOINTS and CARTILARGE for ease of movement.




Aids VITALITY and ENERGY, helping your pet to keep its youthful and playful behaviour- back to how it ‘used to be’.

SeaFlex®- The Natural Choice

A unique blend of marine ingredients, SeaFlex® contains a broad spectrum of cell-supportive nutrients and antioxidants to aid joint mobility, help maintain healthy skin and coat, and support immune response.

A unique blend of marine ingredients.

SeaFlex® contains Sea Chondrotin™ (Cucumaria frondosa prepared using a patented process). Cucumaria frondosa is unique and patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients known to be a valuable natural source of many cell-supportive components like antioxidants, fatty acids, novel marine elements, mucopolysaccharides, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The nutrient content of C. frondosa is extremely broad, offering bio-activity specific to this species.

Natural carotenoids

• Carotenoids are potent antioxidants (Antioxidants help to protect cells and tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals, which contribute to a long list of chronic health problems. Antioxidants are also key in balancing inflammatory response.)
• Carotenoids help to support the immune system.

Natural fucoidan

• Fucoidan is a sea-derived substance, a sulfated polysaccharide, found primarily in certain seaweeds, kelp and sea cucumber.
• It has strong health supporting properties for overall health and wellbeing.
• Fucoidan is also a powerful tool for supporting immunity


• These are the main components of connective tissue surrounding collagen and elastin fibres.
• They help to support joint health and skin care.

Seaflex® also contains a broad spectrum of cell-supportive ingredients and nutrients, unique for the species specific formulations-

Seaflex Dog contains- MSM, arginine, turmeric, green tea, blueberry, manganese, zinc, flaxseed, kelp, calcium, vitamin D and E.
Seaflex Cat contains- Kelp, taurine, catnip, fish oil, calcium, zinc, and vitamins A, D, C and E.
SeaFlex® is all-natural and contains no toxic substances or harmful drugs that may cause side effects if used long-term. It also contains no artificial flavours or nasty preservatives. This effective formulation and patented process is the result of over 10 years of research.

On the market since 2005, SeaFlex® has proven results in Australia, USA, UK and NZ.

SeaFlex® is 100% Australian Made

Try it and see for yourself why SeaFlex® gets a 5 star rating from vets, pet owners and especially dogs and cats.

Ask your vet today how SeaFlex® can help your dog or cat.

The treat form allows easy dosing for dogs. Much better than powder or capsules.

Kellie the Border Collie

Sheralyn McDowell – QLD

Noosa ate Seaflex immediately. Noosa really likes the taste and easy to administer.

Paul - Woollahra - NSW


It’s great to see Lucy the feline with more mobility and it’s all natural.

Marshaw - Mountain Creek - QLD


Bonnie had been lethargic and could not walk for more than fifteen minutes. She is now more playful, more energetic – a happy dog again.

Ellen - Donvale - VIC


Very happy cat – can now jump off the couch without falling over.

Naomi - Manly - NSW.


I have been giving Seaflex – Joint, Skin & Vitality to Poppy. my six year old British Bulldog, for the last couple of years. She had a cruciate ligament rupture approximately a year ago and I’ve been treating her with one chewable Seaflex stick daily ever since. Poppy is now able to do a two kilometre walk without discomfort or uneven gait, and at home she happily goes up and down stairs and moves more freely at speed.

Susan Blue Mountains NSW



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