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Through applied scientific research, Coastside Bio Resources discovers, develops, patents, manufactures and markets natural health supplements that are derived primarily from cold water, North Atlantic marine organisms, with a main focus on sea cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa). Founded in 1994 and located in Stonington, Maine USA, Coastside has a significant interest in the study of marine biotechnology and its benefits to health.
Coastside markets a full line of natural products worldwide (NutriSea® Naturals), with a special emphasis on maintaining mobility and healthy joint function. This range is comprised of human product lines as well as those for companion animals, and includes SeaFlex® for Dogs and Cats.

Coastside uses Cucumaria frondosa in their formulations knowing it to be a bio-marine ‘superfood’, beneficial in restoring cellular health. Cucumaria frondosa contains novel marine components and is also rich in polysaccharides, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, marine lipids (including Omega-3s, 6s and 9s), vitamins and marine trace minerals, all balanced by Mother Nature herself, so easily assimilated by tissues and cells. This extensive profile of cell-supportive nutrients provides the essential building blocks that people and animals need to live long, healthy, active lives, while at the same time working to correct nutrient imbalance (very often the fundamental predecessor to dysfunction and disease). The advanced extraction and processing technologies utilised by Coastside are their own patented methods, developed to maximise the potency and efficacy of the Cucumaria frondosa in their formulations. Working on a cellular level, these products support the immune and other systems which underpin joint, skin and energy disorders, helping to restore cellular health. This, in turn, helps strengthen the body’s systems and reactions, promoting positive, healthy responses, rather then negative ones.

Australian Office

In Australia, Seaflex is managed by Zoo Pets Pty Ltd. Zoo Pets is a brand management company specialising in equine, pet and veterinary products. Zoo Pets work closely with Coastside Bio Resources to deliver the best possible formula and ingredients for optimal results for the Seaflex products.

Seaflex Dog and Seaflex Cat are 100% Australian Made.

Zoo Pets is a national business with its head office in Sydney Australia.

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