Making the right choice for your cat.

SeaFlex® is a next generation joint, skin and vitality supplement for cats.

This revolutionary bio-marine nutritional supplement is a highly unique proprietary formulation supported by years of applied research, as well as emerging scientific breakthroughs. It combines a novel and patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients (Sea Chondroitin™ Cucumaria frondosa) with an extensive profile of cell-supportive nutrients and bio-marine co-factors.

How can SeaFlex help my cat?

Does it sadden you to see your pet not as playful or ‘happy’ as they used to be? Perhaps they don’t run to greet you when you come home anymore.

Maybe you miss your cat jumping up into your lap? Does your cat seem more lethargic than before, sleeping most of the day or having trouble getting around? Does its once shiny and beautiful coat now look dull and lifeless?

It doesn't have to be like that anymore!

• SeaFlex® aids vitality and energy, helping your pet to keep its youthful and playful behaviour - back to how it ‘used to be’.
• SeaFlex® helps to support the structural framework of joints and cartilage for ease of movement.
• SeaFlex® promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.
• SeaFlex provides all of the proteins and amino acids that form the building blocks for the dermis of the skin and cartilage, as well as to assist with healthy immune function.

Which Cats Benefit From Seaflex®?

• Adult and senior cats showing signs of aging.
• Cats showing signs of arthritis.
• Any cat with decreased activity or mobility.
• Any cat with dry, sensitive skin or a lifeless coat.
• Younger cats as valuable dietary supplement for optimum health.
• Show cats for optimal conditioning.
• Cats that resist tablets or powders.

When Should I Start on Seflex®?

Because SeaFlex® works at the fundamental cell level, it can be used either proactively (ie. susceptible breeds, and dogs or cats prone to joint or skin issues) or at the time of a problem.

As with any natural product, SeaFlex® is most effective when used before or at early onset of symptoms to help maintain the healthy function of the system.

What is the recommended dose?

4-6kg bodyweight- 6 tasty bites daily
Seaflex Cat 100g pack contains appox. 200 tasty bites. Tasty bites can be added to food or given as a treat. To achieve results ensure complete dose is consumed daily. No loading required, just start on the daily dose and see the benefits.

Seaflex®- The Natural Choice

  • 100% Australian Made and on the market for over fifteen years with proven results in Australia, USA, UK and NZ.

SeaFlex® is all-natural and contains no toxic substances or harmful drugs that may cause side effects if used long-term. It also contains no artificial flavours or nasty preservatives. This effective formulation and patented process is the result of over 10 years of research, with years of proven results in the USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand.


Seaflex® contains a unique blend of marine ingredients

SeaFlex® contains Sea Chondrotin™ (Cucumaria frondosa prepared using a patented process). Cucumaria frondosa is known to be a valuable natural source of many cell-supportive components like antioxidants, carotenoids, fatty acids, novel marine elements, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The nutrient content of C. frondosa is extremely broad, offering bio-activity specific to this species.

Natural carotenoids

• Carotenoids are potent antioxidants (Antioxidants help to protect cells and tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals, which contribute to a long list of chronic health problems. Antioxidants are also key in balancing inflammatory response.)
• Carotenoids help to support the immune system.

Natural fucoidan

• Fucoidan is a sea-derived substance, a sulfated polysaccharide, found primarily in certain seaweeds, kelp and sea cucumber.
• It has strong health supporting properties for overall health and wellbeing.
• Fucoidan is also a powerful tool for supporting immunity

Natural mucopolysaccharides

• These are the main components of connective tissue surrounding collagen and elastin fibres.
• They help to support joint health and skin care.

Seaflex® also contains a broad spectrum of cell-supportive ingredients and nutrients such as-

Kelp, taurine, catnip, fish oil, calcium, zinc, and vitamins A, D, C and E.

Take a closer look at the pack:

Active Ingredients

Per 500mg tasty bite contains- Sea Chondroitin™ 45mg, Fish Oil 5mg, Kelp 2.5mg, Catnip 2.5mg, Taurine 410ug, Calcium 345ug, Zinc 30ug, Vitamin D 0.5ug, Vitamin A 8ug, Vitamin C 117ug, Vitamin E 2.5mg.


Poultry meat, kangaroo meat, tapioca starch, potato starch, sea cucumber, vegetable glycerine, chicken liver, sorbitol, fish oil, salt, sugar, chitin derivative, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulphate, kelp, catnip, tocopherol, vitamin E, choline, taurine, calcium, vitamin C, niacin, iron, zinc, vitamin B5, B1, B2, A and B6, copper, manganese, folic acid, vitamin D, biotin, selenium, vitamin K3, iodine, vitamin B12.

Typical Analysis
Constituent % w/w
Protein 24.5
Fat 9.9
Fibre <0.01
Salt 1,9
Moisture 12.1
Ash 10.3
ME (Kcal/100g) 320

Sustainability of Cucumaria Frondosa

As with any natural resource used for food or health, it is important give consideration to ethical and ecological impact. C. frondosa is in plentiful supply, with wide distribution in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. C. frondosa is currently harvested in the Gulf of Maine and Canada. Harvesting practices are strictly regulated, using the highest environmental sensitivity to ensure a sustainable population. Regulations are in place to protect the juvenile population. Restrictions are set limiting number of boats and licences in use, size of harvesting equipment as well as seasonal dates. In addition, because much of the C. frondosa community is found on steep underwater cliffs and rough terrains, as well as at depths inaccessible to harvesting methods, such areas serve as natural refuges that will ensure that a significant portion of the sea cucumber population remains untouched.

100% Australian made

Seaflex is 100% Australian Made

Seaflex is made in a GMP approved facility.

All product information and statements made are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

Seaflex® and Sea Chondroitin™ are trademarks of:

Coastside Bio Resources, Inc


What our owners say about Seaflex

I have placed both my 14 year old female cats, littermates, on the Seaflex for Cats treats. The results of Depeche and Vexie whilst on the Seaflex have been extraordinary and therefor should be relayed to you.

The first cat Depeche has suffered from tendon & arthritis problems over the last 4 years receiving conventional pharmacology and alternate acupuncture to assist her in her mobility. Dramatic improvement has been seen in Depeche. For a number of month's proceeding the introduction of Seaflex she spent the vast majority of time lying on a warm water bed, minimally exerting herself and limiting her food intake suggesting that her pain was overtaking her enjoyment to life.

Depeche immediately took to the treats and has not shown a lack of interest for the period that I have been giving them to her. Depeche's mobility had increased significantly within the first 24hours and has continually increased where she now spends time with us in the evening awake and alert. In addition, she now climbs the stairs with far greater ease and comes outside with us without the necessity of being carried up and down the stairs.

The second cat Vexie has slight arthritis and a severe skin condition where she will over groom down each side of her spine where she will lose her fur and make herself bleed, resulting in a number of little scabs. This has occurred for the previous 6 years and has received conventional pharmacology and alternate herbal medicines as well as acupuncture. Vexie's response to the Seaflex has resulted in reduced intensity in her over grooming which has resulted in her fur looking a lot better and with a lot less scabs and generally a calmer cat.

I feed the girls 4 treats each afternoon. The introduction and interest in the Seaflex is something that they look forward to and has to date not reduced. Currently the girls are not on any medication or receiving acupuncture, although Vexie may restart acupuncture in mid September if she returns to her habitual grooming but at the moment everything is looking positive.

Apart from the benefits previously mentioned both Depeche and Vexie's appetite has increased- I suspect that this is due to the extra exercise that Depeche is doing and Vexie likes to eat.

- Marina-Louise

The treat form allows easy dosing for dogs. Much better than powder or capsules.

Kellie the Border Collie

Sheralyn McDowell – QLD

Noosa ate Seaflex immediately. Noosa really likes the taste and easy to administer.

Paul - Woollahra - NSW


It’s great to see Lucy the feline with more mobility and it’s all natural.

Marshaw - Mountain Creek - QLD


My cats loved the flavour & thought they were special treats. Minkys skin improved and Ekko’s joints didn’t seem as sore.

Beryl Port Macquarie NSW


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