Why do I need a joint supplement for my dog or cat?

Dogs and cats enter their senior years around age seven, often beginning to develop issues associated with aging. In the early stages, these signs often go unnoticed and, if ignored, can lead to serious problems or chronic conditions. This is why it is so important to support your pet’s health throughout its life.

Getting older for a dog or cat generally means slowing down. You may notice that your pet:

  • Sleeps more
  • Is stiff when getting up
  • Has trouble getting around
  • Has a dull and lifeless coat
  • Is less playful
  • Is lethargic
  • Has a depressed appetite

Using a product such as SeaFlex® will help to support the structural framework of joints and cartilage for ease of movement. SeaFlex® also aids vitality and energy, helping your pet to keep its youthful and playful behaviour – back to how it ‘used to be’.

Can Seaflex be used long term?

Yes – Seaflex is safe to use on your pet long term.

My Cat or Dog is limping. What can I do?

Seeking veterinary advice for your pet is recommended to diagnose the cause of lameness and a treatment plan. Your vet may recommend a nutraceutical such as Seaflex, either as a stand alone supplement or in conjunction with other prescribed medication to assist with joint or mobility issues.

My cat or dog has itchy skin. What can I do?

There may be many reasons that your cat or dog has itchy skin. Consulting your vet to find out the cause would be the initial step to helping your pet. Seaflex may be a great option for your pet as Cucumaria Fondrosa (the main active in Seaflex) provides all of the proteins and amino acids that form the building blocks for the dermis of the skin and cartilage, as well as assist with healthy immune function, thus supporting a healthy skin organ, as well as critical functions.

My cat or dog has a dull coat. What can I use to brighten it up?

Seaflex encourages healthy tissue, immune function and a shiny, lustrous coat. It does not purport to treat skin diseases. How it does work is to support the systems at a cellular level which underpin skin and coat disorders, helping to make the system stronger and promoting healthier responses.

Can I use a natural supplement for arthritis for my cat or dog?

Yes. Seaflex is a unique all natural, all-in-one supplement for dogs and cats. Seaflex targets the systems associated with joint, skin and energy condition. It encourages healthy cell function, strong joints, skin and connective tissues, Seaflex contains no artificial flavours or colours.

My cat or dog is on NSAID's. Can I use Seaflex in conjunction?

Yes. Seaflex can be used with NSAID medications and feeds as prescribed.

What should I look for in a natural supplement for skin, coat and joint health?

There are a number of supplements that can help to support joint health function and healthy skin and coat. Common ingredients to look for are glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM. Omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, and vitamin E.  We recommend Seaflex;  it is all-natural and contains no artificial flavours, or toxic substances or harmful drugs that may cause side effects if used long-term.

Seaflex is 100% Australian made using only select quality meats and human-grade ingredients. Seaflex is easy to give, being in a treat form, it is the supplement that dogs and cats are happy to have daily.

Is Seaflex safe for my cat or dog?

Yes – Seaflex is safe to use. Seaflex is also an ideal adjunct to pharmaceutical treatments and specialty skin diets (Seaflex is a balanced supplement, so won’t affect the nutritional balance of specialty feeds).

It is recommended to seek veterinary advice for any pets with medical conditions or specialty dietary requirements.

How do I administer Seaflex to my cat or dog

Seaflex is a semi-moist chewable for dogs and cats (stick for dogs, kibble for cats). Given daily, Seaflex is in a easy to administer treat form that they love. No need to measure powders, granules, tablets or solutions. No need to disguise in food!

My dog has a known health condition, can I use Seaflex?

Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals with clotting disorders, diabetes, or any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycemia, history of urinary tract stones, known allergies to shellfish.

Can Seaflex be used in cats or dogs with kidney/renal conditions?

This needs to be done at the vets discretion.

To help calculate the contributing protein daily, below is the protein levels of both the Seaflex for Dogs and Cats.

Each Seaflex for dogs stick is 15g and 21.4% protein content, that equates to each stick of Seaflex contributing 3.21g of protein per day to a 30kg’s dogs diet.

Seaflex for cats = 4-6 kibbles per day (approximately 2-3g) at 24.5% protein contributes 0.49g – 0.735g of protein per day to a cats diet.

Can I use Seaflex if my cat or dog has pancreatitis?

It is recommended to consult with your vet on their individual dietary needs.

Is Seaflex safe for cats and dogs with allergies?

Seaflex is ideal for dogs and cats with beef or lamb allergies. Care should be taken with dogs or cats with seafood or chicken allergies as Seaflex is a marine-based supplement, in a chicken meat based chew. Seaflex for cats also contains kangaroo, so care should be taken in cats with kangaroo allergies.

What is Sea Chondroitin™?

Sea Chondroitin™ (sea cucumber prepared using a patented process). Sea Chondroitin™ is a unique and patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients. Made with an advanced patented processing and extraction method which helps concentrate and keep ingredients stable, retains the high nutritional value and ensures increased synergistic action of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Cucumaria frondosa is known to be a valuable natural source of many cell-supportive components like antioxidants, carotenoids, fatty acids, novel marine elements, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The nutrient content of C. frondosa is extremely broad, offering bio-activity specific to this species.

Is the Sea Cucumber sustainably sourced?

Yes. Cucumaria Frondosa (C. Fronfosa), the species of Sea Cucumber used in Seaflex, is in plentiful supply and harvesting practices are strictly regulated, using the highest environmental sensitivity to ensure a sustainable population. C. Frondosa is only harvested under licence and with seasonal limits.

Which Cats and Dogs Benefit From Seaflex?
  • Adult and senior dogs and cats showing signs of aging.
  • Dogs or cats showing signs of arthritis.
  • Any dogs or cats with decreased activity or mobility.
  • Any dogs or cats with dry, sensitive skin or a lifeless coat.
  • Younger pets as a valuable dietary supplement for optimum health.
  • Show dogs or cats for optimal conditioning.
  • Dogs or cats that resist tablets or powders.
How long will I have to use Seaflex before I see a noticeable change?

Seaflex’s advanced patented processing technologies maximise nutritional value, potency and efficacy. SeaFlex’s very distinctive formulation gives a fast response time. Noticeable changes are normally seen within 10 days (sometimes as fast as 3 days!).

What are the common feedback we get from clients when they start on Seaflex?

•The dog is more alert, playful and interactive again.
•Can jump back onto the bed.
•Coat and skin is healthier and glossy.
•Eyes are brighter and alert.

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