BlogCucumaria frondosa COMPONENTS- AMINO ACIDS & PROTEINS – building blocks of life

August 15, 2023
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AMINO ACIDS & PROTEINS – building blocks of life

C. frondosa has an extensive protein and amino acid profile, containing 17 of the 20 major amino acids. The most abundant amino acids present include glutamic acid, aspartic acid, arginine, glycine and alanine.

Amino acids are the basis for all living tissue on earth. Besides building cells, being the building blocks for important proteins like collagen, elastin and connective tissue as well as repairing tissue (imperative for healing), amino acids also participate in virtually every process within cells. They are involved in critical functions like cell signalling and neurotransmission, form antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses, have antioxidant activity, protect the body from sun damage and are integral to immune function and response.

Since humans and animals cannot synthesize all the amino acids they need, they must obtain essential amino acids from food. Without sufficient amino acids, the body cannot function properly and their deficiency can lead to severe health disorders. Due to its amino acid and protein content, C. frondosa offers a natural source of nutritional support to cells, structural components and processes in which amino acids and proteins are involved.