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September 15, 2023

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Although SeaFlex® has historically been used with great success for joint and mobility indications, vets are increasingly turning to SeaFlex® to assist with skin and coat health.

Although skin conditions are rarely life-threatening, they frequently create tremendous quality of life issues, and the impact of these conditions on patients and their owners’ lives can be significant. The good news is that the dynamic character of skin allows for tremendous regeneration capacity when its cells, and the cells of its underlying support systems, are healthy (or returned to health) and in balance.  SeaFlex®, due to its unique properties, offers potent natural, safe and effective support to dogs and cats with skin and coat issues, while helping to restore their QUALITY of LIFE.



The science of skin is truly new and emerging, offering little concrete information about its workings. The difficulty for scientists in understanding skin is partly due to its role as a major IMMUNE ORGAN in the immune system, whose parts and interconnectedness are highly enigmatic and not readily perceivable. The skin’s stratified structure creates additional unique molecular and cellular properties, micro-environments and interactions, adding further complexity. The lack of science surrounding skin leaves vets with limited available treatment options. Pharmaceutical options often provide immediate symptomatic relief,  but don’t address the underlying cause and can come with unwanted side effects, resulting in frustration for the vet and owner alike. Effective natural  support  has also been scant  – until now.

Cutting-edge science is elucidating the major impact that factors such as diet, environment and nutrient imbalance can have on cell behaviour, cell health and subsequently on health conditions. Further research advances that highlight the molecular and cellular contributors to health conditions, provide critical insight into the cross-cutting relationships in the areas of joints, skin, immune function and vitality, areas in which SeaFlex can assist.



SeaFlex is a cutting-edge proprietary formulation developed through more than twenty years of applied scientific research. It combines a unique and patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients (Cucumaria frondosa sea cucumber) with an extensive profile of cell-supportive nutrients and bio-marine co-factors (see Nutritional Chart). These components work synergistically for increased potency, creating a profound effect at the cellular level. This very distinctive formulation gives SeaFlex multi-dimensional capabilities and modes of action (skin, joint, vitality and immune support) not currently available from any other single option alternative on the market.


HOW can SeaFlex HELP?

SeaFlex encourages healthy skin tissue, immune function and a shiny, lustrous coat. It does not purport to treat or cure skin diseases. How it does work is to support the systems at a cellular level which underpin skin and coat disorders, helping to make the system stronger and promoting healthier responses. Science that digs deeper into the mechanisms of disease shows that even minor imbalances can cause major health disturbances and disease, as is often the case with skin issues and immune imbalance. SeaFlex targets fundamental cellular deficiencies associated with skin and coat health, as well as joint and mobility issues, and the phenomena of energy and vitality. The identification of shared or converging molecular and cellular pathways for immune function, skin, joints and vitality reveal important clues into the network behaviour of these biological systems across which SeaFlex can help. SeaFlex is a natural cell protectant and assists with restoring cellular balance in these systems. In this way, SeaFlex can profoundly benefit dogs and cats.



Because SeaFlex works at the fundamental cell level, it can be used either proactively (ie. susceptible breeds, and dogs or cats prone to skin issues) or at the time of a problem. As with any natural product, SeaFlex is most effective when used before or at early onset of symptoms to help maintain the healthy function of the system. SeaFlex is helpful for dogs or cats with any skin issue from a dry, lifeless coat to a chronic condition. SeaFlex is also an ideal adjunct to pharmaceutical treatments and specialty skin diets (SeaFlex is a balanced supplement, so it won’t affect the nutritional balance of specialty feeds).



SeaFlex can be used on ANY DOG or CAT with skin or coat issues, regardless of age, breed or genetic disposition*. It is also ideal for dogs and cats with lamb or beef allergies, as SeaFlex is made with 100% Australian chicken meat*. SeaFlex is perfect for show dogs and cats for a supreme, lustrous coat and optimal conditioning.


Is SeaFlex SAFE and HEALTHY?

SeaFlex is all-natural and contains no toxic substances or harmful drugs that may cause side effects if used long-term. It also contains no artificial flavours or nasty preservatives. SeaFlex is freshly Made in Australia from quality 100% Australian chicken meat, human-grade natural ingredients, important marine nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. Only the C. frondosa is sourced from the USA.  SeaFlex has been on the market for over fifteen years with proven results in Australia, USA, UK and NZ.

*Care should be taken with dogs with seafood allergies, as SeaFlex is a marine-based supplement.