BlogFRONDOSIDE A – immunity & the energy-vitality factor

October 15, 2023

In the C. frondosa sea cucumber resides a particular natural glycoside, Frondoside A, which is virtually unique to C. frondosa. Recent research demonstrated that Frondoside A increases immunity at a cellular level in mammals. ¹

While increased innate immunity is important in its own right (for combating illness and keeping us healthy), the results of this research also showed links to an increase in immunological surveillance, which has to do with energy and vitality. Scientists know that as we age, our bodies and immune systems slow down and weaken, becoming less efficient. An increased amount of our body’s innate energy goes toward things like defence mechanisms and combating pain, and we literally ‘slow down’ and feel less energetic as we get older.

For centuries, the Chinese have prized sea cucumber as a general tonic food and ‘adaptogen’ (that which increases resistance to stress). From a modern research perspective, it is theorized that components such as Frondoside A stimulate immunological defence mechanisms and, as the recent research paper implies, help in ‘freeing up’ energy that once went towards fighting environmental assaults from circumstances such as aging, viruses and poor diet. It is suggested that this phenomenon may result in the feeling of ‘increased energy and vitality.’


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